Natural, Organic, & Non-GMO

Natural, Organic, & Non-GMO - What's the Difference? | EJL Blog

Natural.  Organic.  Non-GMO. 

Do you know the difference? I know these terms can be really confusing to people new to the foodie scene. I’ve read several articles stating that, when polled, most consumers thought “natural” was the same thing as organic, if not better. *insert shock horror face à la Edvard Munch here* Continue reading

Making the Switch to Real Food

Do you want to eat cleaner, feel better, and be healthier, but have no idea where to start? Do you feel completely overwhelmed by too much information and confused about terms like natural, organic, and non-GMO? No worries! All month long I’m here to share introductory techniques for cooking Real Food and getting away from convenience food.

Making the Switch to Real Food | EJL Blog

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In-Your-Face Lemony Hummus

Every time I make hummus my husband says, “more lemon”. Sometimes accompanied by a grunt and other unintelligible words as his mouth is full of chips and hummus. Frankly, I think lemon is a nice accent to hummus, but my hubby is a lemon fanatic. His favorite desserts are also of the lemon variety. In short, this hummus is for him, but I thought some of you might like it too.

In-Your-Face Lemony Hummus | EJL BLog

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Fun with Props – Intermediate Core

Hello again! How have you all been enjoying the core videos?

This is the last of the core videos for awhile. Next month I’ll be focusing on a return to home cooking and getting away from processed food-like products AND I’ll have accompanying recipes each week! I hope you’ll all check back for that.

AND, I’m starting massage therapy training in less than a month! Woo! I’m expecting this to be a pretty big change to our schedules, but I’m remaining calm.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the final core video for this month. I hope you enjoy it! These are some of my favorite exercises to teach because they are so fun. 

Happy Exercising! ♥

Sweaty Plank Fun – Intermediate Core #2

Get ready to sweat! I did filming this for you guys.😉

Today we’ll be working on our core (obviously) with the added bonus of upper body work.

Lots of plank: high plank, forearm plank, and side plank. I do offer modifications throughout. Remember, this is a great addition to your regular yoga practice. Even just 10 minutes of targeted core work 3-5 days per week and you will see, and more importantly, feel, some major changes in your body!

Take breaks as you need to, never push through pain, and have FUN!


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Happy Wednesday! ♥

Boat Pose & Hip Flexor Burn Out Fun – Intermediate Core #1

Hey guys! Did you get a chance to watch and/or exercise along with me in the Beginner Core videos (1 and 2)? They make a great warm up to a practice if you’re a bit more advanced.

Today I’m so excited to share my first Intermediate Core video. This video’s focus is on hip flexors and abs. I love hip flexor work. Strong hip flexors make balancing easier and sets you up for more advanced asanas. We’ll play in navasana (boat pose) with a block and stretch it out at the end.

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment here, on YouTube, or pop over and say hello on Insta! Blessings for a fabulous week. ♥

Building Body Awareness & Strength – Beginner Core #2

Hi all! I hope you enjoyed the first beginner core video. This is the second of two. In this video we focus on hip flexor activation/strength and back strength.

If you have lower back issues or have had surgery, please consult a qualified healthcare professional before beginning an exercise program. Also, if you are postpartum you should exercise care (especially after cesarean) doing anything laying on the belly.

As before, please feel free to leave feedback on YouTube, here, or on Instagram. Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Valentine’s Day Tart

Valentine’s Day: chocolate, wine, champagne, cards, stuffed animals, crowded restaurants, sex, dessert, dinner. Mmmmm, yes. I know what my favorite one of those would be.  ;-) What’s yours?

Raw Vegan Valentine's Tart | EJL Blog

I remember as a kid getting those big heart-shaped boxes full of different kinds of filled chocolate bites with no explanation of what’s inside. My sister and I used to take a bite of one and put it back if we didn’t like it. Continue reading

Guided Meditation on Self Love & Appreciation

Hello Lovelies.

Today I have a special Guided Meditation for you. In the spirit of this month where we focus on Love I wanted to share this opportunity for you to give yourself some much deserved love and appreciation.

I hope you will be blessed by this short meditation. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback.

Blessings for a wonderful week ahead. Sat Nam.